Cancer october 14 compatibility

These people are honest when in a long-term relationship are honest and not at all prone to flirt when they commit to their lovers. These people can have outstanding technical knowledge in their professions, and their creations are fascinating and convincing. People born on July 14 have an unusual relationship with work, they can be either too committed or uninterested, but their work is their baby, and they are never giving up their ideas.

But in work, what is impressive regarding those who are born on July 14 is that these individuals can extract positive and healthy influences from others, as well as they can give others the same healthy control. But once again we mention one more thing that is not so positive, and that is their need to get caught up in that mode of domination and self-awareness that they lose compass; they can even have some psychological disease periodically.

And to add one more thing -these people are known for their ability to restore their energies, and to achieve the period of active renewal of powers. Number 5 and the planet Mercury rules people who are born on July 14, in addition to this one more planet is influential, and it is the Moon that is a ruler of all Cancer signs. Number 5, when you look at this number as a numerological influence is the number responsible for the tendency to change and the speed of thinking, and those who are influenced by the number 5 can have all of these traits.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

These people are also prone to impulsive actions that can be seen in all of their phases of life and are not like other Cancer people who are passive. The combination of the Moon-Mercury is interesting since these two planets can be observed as two opposites, and in a way that can be a good thing since fiery Mercury provides action to the Moons passivity. This combination also gives these people who are born on July 14 a quick recovery after life strikes, problems, and changes, cause these people can have too many changes that bring more issues than benefits.

Also under these two influences, these Cancer people can often be very restrained, and it is the type of restraint that can lead to negative characteristics such as curiosity and passivity. Therefore they have to resist general tendencies to develop their systems and thinking system in general — this is the aspect of a change that Mercury brings, fast and without an intro. Some astrologers say that when Moon and Mercury are in the combination, they can point to the fusion of emotional and inner nature -so these people who are born on July 14 are cautious about what they are talking about since they know that they can influence others.

They have inner knowledge of how words and actions can affect emotions and the spiritual world. They are naturally very communicative and have no problem to start communicating with others. To find out even more elements that are related to the date July 14, we gathered the most relevant events that took place on this day through history. The French Revolution started with this event. By military coup, Iraq became a republic.

The ship reached a speed of 30 knots per hour and had two nuclear reactors.

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A few more important words are in order before we close the story about people who are born on July 14, who are Cancer Zodiac sign, and who are under the planetary influence of the Moon-Mercury combination that makes them overthink and people with this situation have difficulties to be able to be mindless.

Deep inside they can be compassionate and gentle human beings who are in their profound nature have that strong lines of religiosity that are slightly colored with dogmatism. They have strong convictions and mostly live with them, and they try to influence others to accept their beliefs, and in most cases, they are very successful in that intention. They are known for their love of art and generally all things that are creative and loving, they can even develop extreme love toward their children, in a sense that they have strong parental instincts. Also, those who are born on July 14 have a natural gif of making their living or work environment as beautiful as possible, and they love to make feel everyone welcome in their homes, and this is just one of many ways how they influence their surroundings.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Highly suspicious and protective of your privacy, neither of you trusts easily. As a result, you intuitively trust each other. The good news is, you've bet on a winning sea-horse. These two signs can mate for life, and the emotional facets of your relationship deepen into an intimacy few couples reach. Romantic and sentimental occasions never go uncelebrated: birthdays, Valentine's Day, the five-month anniversary of the first time you said "I love you.

You feel safe enough together to try anything. The challenge will be breaking the ice, since you both tend to clam up in a red-faced fluster or any icy aloofness around a new love interest. It helps to talk about music, books, films—anything but your feelings. Once you get past the awkward phase, it's smooth sailing. You genuinely enjoy each other's company, and like to do almost everything together.

As parents, you're incredibly nurturing and hands-on, and may struggle to cut the cord when your kids reach adolescence. In fact, control is the big challenge for your signs. Jealous and possessive, you know how to avoid your mate's hot buttons—or to push them when you're feeling spiteful. The Crab pinches and the Scorpion stings; both can wound the relationship fatally.

At times, Cancer's sulking seems childish to Scorpio, and Scorpio's sharp edges can maim the Crab's tender feelings. Fortunately, you know how to win your way back into each other's good graces once the moody spells pass. You're cut from entirely different cloths and patterns. Sagittarius is neon polka-dot on stretch Lycra; Cancer is Burberry plaid on Swiss wool. You'll never be a match that makes sense to observers—which is why Cancer Tom Cruise and Sagittarius Katie Holmes are such a tabloid target. Is it true love, a train wreck, or a little bit of both? Let's examine. Domestic Cancer rules home, heart and family, and holds his loved ones in his vest pocket.

Sagittarius is the restless world traveler who craves freedom and adventure. Sag can either feel smothered or totally nurtured by Cancer. The Crab loves to provide every security for his sweetie, and it's a relief to the Archer to come home to a hot meal, a drawn bath, an adoringly attentive partner. The trouble starts when Sagittarius stops coming home. Sagittarius needs sunlight, air and wide open spaces.

Cancer keeps the shades drawn and burrows into his metaphorical Crab shell. When Sagittarius neglects Cancer's need for togetherness, starts hanging out with a rowdy crew of rebels, or traipses the globe alone, Cancer's insecurities are rankled. You have fierce tempers, and the combustion of Cancer's moodiness and Sag's anger can be downright destructive. What the Crab must realize is that a pretty bird in a cage will soon fly the coop—at least, if the bird is a Sag. He must open the windows and trust Sagittarius to come back to the nest, a real act of faith.

Your strong sexual chemistry sweetens the pot, but you'll need to adapt to each other's rhythms through hard work and keen listening. Paging June and Ward Cleaver! Cancer is astrology's mother and Capricorn is its patriarch. You're opposite signs that might very well polarize into these retro roles. On the zodiac wheel, Cancer rules the fourth house of home, family and femininity.

Capricorn governs its tenth house of fatherhood, authority, masculinity and ambition. In many ways, it's nice to have a mate who happily redresses your shortcomings. Yet, it can also be off-putting.

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Cancer longs for touch and affection, misty-eyed Hallmark moments and emotionally naked conversations. Stoic Capricorn can be stiff and formal, a closet neurotic who pooh-poohs Cancer's feelings as overblown melodramas. In truth, Capricorn just internalizes his feelings, then falls into depressions or flogs himself mercilessly. You must learn the other's "love language" to succeed as a couple. Cancer shows caring through sentimental gestures, food, togetherness and well-intended nagging. Capricorn's expression is through duty—bringing home a steady paycheck, showing up on time, holding it together when everyone else falls apart.

Capricorn must learn to honor Cancer's feelings and intuition; the Crab must develop gratitude for Capricorn's loyalty and quiet wisdom. Parenting is where you really shine as a team. Raising children is the ultimate honor for your signs, as well as a creative challenge. You're both loyal to your families, no matter how much they drive you crazy.

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This is a quality you respect in each other. At the end of the day, you share enough common values to make a solid, lifelong match. This oddball match is as fascinating and perplexing as a Proenza Schouler pump—and like the highbrow fashion house, few understand its power. Here we have Cancer, sentimental and family-oriented, possessive, anchored by deep roots and tradition.

Mix in Aquarius, the sci-fi nomad, a butterfly escaping the net of convention, laughing with you and at you all at once. How on earth…? This is a coupling that doesn't happen often, and for good reason. Cool Aquarius doesn't need much affection, and Cancer withers without physical touch. The Crab clutches his loved ones in powerful pincers, and scuttles after Aquarius, practically begging for love.

Naturally, free-spirited Aquarius feels smothered and trapped by these demands for intimacy, and constructs little trap doors everywhere—a basketball team, a drama class, a post on city council. Yet, when wounded Cancer withdraws into his shell, Aquarius is suddenly intrigued. Where did my lifeline go?

What Aquarius takes for granted is Cancer's loyalty, which can resemble a mother's love for her troubled teen. The Crab can see the vulnerable child underneath the surly bravado. Beyond that, you owe each other a karmic debt so profound, you can't even articulate it. Explains one Aquarius, who's been with her Cancer mate for 35 years: "I've learned that sometimes you have to do what the other person likes, even if you don't like it.

You'll certainly grow in spirit and character. Sometimes, your soul needs a challenge more than a smoothly-paved road. You're a pair of softies underneath it all, even if the world sees a hard Crab shell or a tough, scaly Fish. Alone with each other, your compatible Water signs are as tender as can be. You're both compassionate and nurturing, soothing each other with sustenance and sensitivity.

There's nothing a stick of butter, cookies made from scratch, or a nice after-dinner cordial by the fire can't solve. Romantic and sensual, you love to pipe classical music through the sound system, light the candelabras and whip up a gourmet feast side-by-side. Hours of kissing and foreplay will follow. Though your relationship is a refuge, it can also become a fishbowl that limits your growth. You absorb each other's fluctuating moods like a sponge, so get out of the aquarium-for-two. With your refined sensibilities, you're excellent patrons of the arts, so head to museums, gallery openings, concerts, and dance performances.

Fling open your doors for dinner parties that toast an artistic friend, an esteemed poet, or a relative's good news. This satisfies your nurturing instincts, and invites new energy into your space. You must both learn when to let go of grudges, since you can be passive-aggressive and play the victim when your feelings are hurt. Slammed doors, sulking and brooding must stop. Don't excuse bad behavior with psychobabble, either e. Grow up, will you? If you've been cruel, simply say "I'm sorry" and offer a long hug. The power of touch can heal anything between you, too.

Aries is the zodiac's baby its first sign ; Cancer is its matriarch, ruling the fourth house of motherhood, home and family. Is this relationship doomed to be an Oedipal cliche? Not if you temper these traits through steady, conscious self-development. Otherwise, you easily lapse into automatic roles that polarize you into a parent-child or master-and-servant dynamic. Aries can be selfish—not maliciously, but in a crude, clueless style that leaves Cancer resentful and dismayed at the Ram's lack of nuance.

Cancer knows how to play the nurturing giver, but this delicate sign needs room to be vulnerable, too. Aries loves to be coddled, but Cancer's maternal indulgences will create a spoiled brat or a demanding diva. Besides, while the Crab may have a tough outer shell, the true warrior is Aries, ruled by aggressive Mars.

Cancer Horoscope

Your differences are many: Aries is a diehard independent and Cancer is a family guy; Aries needs freedom, the Crab's possessive grip clings tight. You'll need to compromise, or else the relationship can turn into a competitive, jealous hotbed. You can both brood with the best of them, and your dark days eclipse even the tiniest sliver of hope. Talk about depressing. Swear off the silent treatment and learn to communicate as two adult equals. Buy those twin rocking chairs and install them on the porch: You're an old-fashioned throwback, high school sweethearts at any age.

No two signs are more traditional, sentimental or family-oriented than yours. Although the sweetness can be cloying, you're a love story for the ages. In fact, you may emulate your own parents or compensate for their shortcomings , since you share a rather conventional moral compass. Affectionate and nurturing, you crave lifelong security and a comfortable home, and you'll squirrel away a sizeable nest egg together.

Not that you don't indulge.

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Your signs both appreciate art, culture, decorating, music and gourmet food. As parents, you're protective but firm, Taurus doling out tough love in your children's best interest, nurturing Cancer kisses every boo-boo.