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Much more precious are our psychological support systems. Anxiety robs us of our ability to relax. Worry stops us sleeping. When our thoughts are stolen by fear, the loss can be more significant than the loss of a physical object. Don't let a situation steal your agenda today. Be strong, and refuse it permission to hijack your time.

Without learning from our mistakes, how can we ever move on? Yet, even if we do learn from them, how can we guarantee that we won't embark on to another series of mistakes as we try to outrun the last ones?


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Take some time, as the moon grows full, to consider why you're so keen on keeping a potential source of trouble at arm's length. There's a chance that it might be easier to face an old familiar problem, whose tactics and battle-plans are well known, rather than deal with a new issue. I'd like to remind you of some of the habits you've managed to give up, some of the fears you've conquered and some of the changes you've instigated.

Many of these things once seemed impossible. There was always a moment where you felt overwhelmed by the task ahead, and needed to dig deep to find the courage to persevere. This would have been followed by a moment where you 'knew' that you had the ability to succeed. That's the kind of experience you're heading towards. Some people say that it doesn't matter what you do, just as long as you consciously commit to doing it. But surely it's not that simple; even when we find ourselves in situations in which we appear to have no choice, we're unable to be fully conscious about why we're doing what we're doing.

We're motivated by inner forces that we barely understand; which drive us and influence every decision we make. As we grow wiser, we just try to be more aware of these factors. Venus, today, helps you do just that.


Regrets are just part and parcel of life. We tell ourselves that we'll 'never do that ever again' and then, surprise, we do. Think of all the people who party too hard and suffer the following day. They might vow never to repeat the experience; yet once they've recovered, they forget how awful they felt; set out for another good time, and do the same thing over again. We take time to learn life's lessons. Today brings a chance for you to let go of a painful aspect of your past and renew your faith in the future.

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We tend to be on our 'best behaviour' when we're in the company of strangers. When we're relaxed with people, it's because there's no longer a need to create a good impression. We can be our true selves; there's no need for facades of any kind. There are times though, when that level of trust can be abused.

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You're someone who easily makes people feel relaxed. The Full Moon brings an opportunity to redraw a blurred boundary and forgive someone who pushed through one of yours. We use the phrase 'living in a fantasy world' when we want to be dismissive of someone's approach to life. Yet we're all living in a world that we've created from the depths of our imaginations. We see things the way we want to see them and hear what we want to hear. We filter information so that it reinforces our beliefs and supports our views. Venus' movements indicate that an inspiring improvement is possible.

Don't allow anyone's view to colour this experience. One way to put your problems into perspective is to take yourself to the top floor of a very tall building and look at the world carrying on under your gaze.

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We allow our problems and worries to grow to such a size that they take over our lives and prevent us from seeing what's really going on. There can be no more second chances.

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The one thing you must not do this week is throw more money at a situation that is not working out the way you intended. Cut your losses and run. Pisces 20 FEB MARCH This is the ideal time to be honest with loved ones and partners, even if what you have to tell them is going to place you in a less than favourable light. You may not be able to launch it for a few weeks but if you do the groundwork now it will make things easier for you later on.

It will also make it much less likely that you will give up after the first few days. They would probably do the same to you. If you get involved you will be treated like a slave, doing things for others that they really should be doing for themselves. Over the next few days there will be several chances to make money from your good ideas. To discover more about yourself, visit sallybrompton.

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