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But this can also create an unhealthy dependency, where Aries is drained from constantly pumping up an insecure person, and loses sight of their own pursuits. They need a certain amount of attention and applause.

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The perfect match for an Aries will share a thirst for adventure but also act as an anchor and a sounding board. To be with an Aries, you need range—and loads of patience.

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Given too much free reign, Aries can become selfish, demanding and bratty. Get your complete love and compatibility chart!

Aries Compatibility With Zodiac Signs. Best and Worst Matches!

Their taste for luxury can also leave them skint! Strengths The Scorpion is the sign of intensity and extremes. They harbor extreme power and strength while being loyal, passionate, dynamic, resourceful and observant. Weaknesses Their suspicious minds can manipulate others when they need to.

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They can also become jealous and obsessive. Strengths Most optimistic and enthusiastic of the zodiac signs. They are fun-loving, truthful although known to exaggerate , vicarious, inventive, spirited, creative and adventuresome. Weaknesses They would prefer to avoid emotions. This hides their insecurities, irresponsibly, quest for endless freedom and often tactless manner.

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They also live in the now. This makes them terrible savers who are always on the hunt for new experiences. Strengths Capricorns are generally loyal, responsible, resourceful, patient and ambitious. They have great creativity and accept change, be it slowly. They have a burning desire for life to be meaningful and fulfilling. Weaknesses Capricorns weigh up their options but can be unimaginative in their thinking. They have a hint of conceit, distrust and can be dictatorial because they think they are always right. Whilst being inhibited, they lack the ability to see life in shades of grey.

Strengths These clever, witty people are often original, inventive and will live life to the beat of their own drum.

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They are highly intelligent yet reasonably unconventional. While they like to be alone they are also very social beings who enjoy a mix of up and downtime. Weaknesses They can be rebellious in their quest for individualisation. They can also be stubborn, sarcastic, unemotional and aloof.

Proficient on focused topics, they can have an inflated sense of importance because of their intellect. There's a lot of aggressive tension between the two signs.

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Meanwhile, Piscean energy is a little too chill for Aries, though a short fling can be fun. Before you change your dating app bio , though, keep a few things in mind: two people with the exact same birth chart can still have different personalities there are plenty of twins who are total opposites , after all.

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Instead, you should look at your chart as a whole , paying special attention to your moon sign and the placement of Venus and Mars. Every minute in the United States, almost 20 people are physically abused by a partner.

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There are plenty of articles on the internet telling men how to make a woman come in five minutes, 10, or